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Infos about the Illustrative Material

In relation to the software product MikroSim you can obtain a handcrafted, elegant and high-quality picture frame as illustrive material for your collection of teaching aids or public presentation. On a handy frame size of  30 x 24 cm, the evolution in computing power from a switch-controlled, tube-operated calculator to complex, integrated microprocessor is displayed and set into relation with MikroSim's simulation power. In this impressive manner, the historical development and significance of microcode controlled arithmetic unit is a bit more perceptible and understandable.

The hardware devices selcted for producing the illustrative picture frame are partly rare and desired collector's items, for which acquisition no costs or pain is spared. Of special interest are heavily available Intel-CPUs of type Pentium Pro. Not only the imposant die size and valuable appearance of the so called "Gold Cap" are impressive. Moreover, this CPU type represents the begin of the new age in microcodepragrammable and configurable CPU devices,  having a kind of revival initiated by the so called infames Pentium "FDIV-Bug" in 1995.

Frame Types

As illustrative material following types of picture frames are commercially available:

Individual changes or wishes regarding the selection of CPU devices can be considered - please feel free to ask!
When ordering 75, 50 or 25 licences of MikroSim, you have the possibility to obtain a pricture frame of type 1, 2 or 3, respectively, free of charge.

Picture Gallery