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"Golden Core": The OpCode Set of Mikrocodesimulator MikroSim 2010

... the ultimate CPU Simulation Program

Completed Pre-Assembled OpCode Set | OpCode Types | Graphical Overview

Completed Pre-Assembled OpCode Set

Already in the setup package simulation files are available, providing a basis for loading and modifying simulation files for own didactical purpose. In case possessing a licence you can modify and save your files with a licencor' s signature, distribute those files for didactical use.

In case you like to extend the simulation posibilities in your lecture quite quickly with low effort towards application like operation of MikroSim, a completed pre-assembled OpCode Set can be acquired. The universal OpCode Set "Golden Core" comprises a didactically structured collection of processor's typical machine code instructions used  in well-established 8 bit prozessoren (CPUs) and popular mathematical coprocessors (FPUs) for 32 bit floating point operations. In total, the pre-assembled OpCode set is completed by 95%, tested and documented. Never before the access to application like simulation has been such easy as now - join now entering into a new dimension of microcodesimulation!

OpCode Types of "Golden Core"

Supported Instructions and Integer Operations:

In detail following OpCode families are implemented, which comprises and represents 8 bit controller typical instructions types:

  • CPU-Reset
  • Machine code interpreter (Load-Increment-Execute, LIE) including interrupt controller engine
  • Register Loading Commands
  • Register Storing Commands
  • Commands for conditional and unconditional absolute jumps
  • Commands for conditional and unconditional relative jumps
  • Subroutine Calls
  • Loop Operations
  • Operations on the Condition-Code-Register
  • Stack Operations
  • Logical and arithmetical comparison and logical calculations
  • Logical and arithmetical register shift and rotate operations
  • 32 bit integer calculation commands
  • Operations for bit and byte manipulations

Supported Floating Point Operations:

The OpCode set for floating point operation comprises:

  • Commands for loading and storing floating point numbers
  • Commands for floating point number generation
  • Conversion Operations into floating point and integer format
  • Elementary floating point arithmetical operations for addition, substraction, multiplication, and division
  • Opcode set of analytical functions

Elementary Commands for Floating Point Number Formatting and Generation:

For introducing floating point arithmetics on 32 bit register operations, special opcodes are provided for composing, manipulating, splitting and merging mantissa and exponent and introducing elementary floating point numbers. These commands normally are not included in a commercial FPU but provided by machine code macros in case the functionality of a mathmetical coprocesser needs to be emulated on basis of  integer operations of a CPU.

Graphical Overview:

In the overview below 256 Opcode segments are displayed comprising the command set of "Golden Core", being 95%
completed and pre-assembled (indicated in red).